Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed


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Hand out lies and you’ll make’em rise. Get to a record low, your dream will overgrow. Please turn this rain into pure pain. Rejoice, my friend, rain will bring on the land. More lies break through the mad storm you already brew. Down is their whole defence, come play this summer dance. I’m sure those flies will cause great surprise. Put on a high shelf any consciousness of self. Loss is way too much to fear, a micron distant from here. Mind that some fuzzy place could not be traced at last. Live on the nail of a god, there’s no cure, there’s no fraud. Make some effort and think nothing but nothing, yeah... ain’t no name to get well-known by. You’re wrong, my friend, this is not the end. Rearmost, utmost, half-lost, feels like a ghost. Please turn this rain into a solid brain, a brain who reads between the lines, gets the joke and then sublimes. Bad girls do like good boys, bad boys once broke their toys. That’s how we’ll make no end, we’ll make no sense of it: it ain’t no name to get well-known by.
"Again, by no means let's get stuck. Again, by all means let's get around. Again, brother, I won't keep this long: I don't want a life I may end. The point, my brother, by will will not be hard to get to. I don't need to be mine to get shocked. Evil like a god I could have been, I was sixteen and here I let it drop. Even screechin' bugs lie on the back, they wring their neck and find a breakthrough. Evil like a god you could have been too, you just didn't threaten who you are. Dreamers catch the pack they won't belong to, don't merely head for sickening fun, head back long ago, when the sound was made flesh. I've met too many cowards in my life to have no mental reservations here... To transcend the shrimp I once used to be it took some kind of divine up-thrust. It takes long yet to stretch the Devil's back, bro' you'll just sight some land when you know you know, time will be right to make shreds of you and let you fall..." [53.644.799 pages following]


Three months away from "Transverberate", the Berlin psych-rockers THE SOMNAMBULIST are back with "Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed", the second single taken from their forthcoming album.
A big mystery still lingers around the third studio album of the band, of which no title or release date are known yet. What is sure is that the band are continuing to surprise the audience with brave and original ideas.
"Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed" discloses a further aspect of the complex personality of THE SOMNAMBULIST, this time deviously sitting in between Kurt Weill and Nirvana. The new single is accompanied by a controversial music video which could be described as "psychedelic porn", visualizing the enigmatic mood swings of the song.
The B-Side "A Ten Thousand Miles Long Suicide Note" it's a hot blooded and articulate blues song that gives rise to an explosive instrumental, mindful of Tool and Godspeed You! Black Emperor for the fluency and solidity of the arrangements.


released May 12, 2016

All songs written, arranged and performed by
Marco Bianciardi - vocals, guitar, sampler
Thomas Kolarczyk - electric bass
Luca Andriola - drums and percussions

Sampled musicians:
Rafael Bord - violin
Mareike Hube - trombone

Produced by Chris Lastelle and THE SOMNAMBULIST

Recorded and mixed between July and December, 2015
at Funkhaus Nalepastraße (Block A, ex-Room a279b), Berlin

Engineered by Chris Lastelle

Mastered by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin

Artwork and music video by Xokoko


all rights reserved




THE SOMNAMBULIST is the project of a fluid international collective of Berlin-based musicians which defies any easy classification.
In its decade-long existence, the band has released three full-length albums (Moda Borderline, Sophia Verloren and Quantum Porn): Hypermnesiac, the new studio album, is set to be released in February 2020 on the band’s own label Slowing Records.
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