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You never wonder what this dream is all about, d'you ever raised an issue? You love to rant when toady music's right too loud, it never bothers you. No... did she strip for real, did I go wrong? Then with a shot she shook her breech? Wo wo wo wo! Oh dear, indeed it's coming hard... to say. Never upon some praise: never upon some praise. How could I know to what kind of god I should pray? Get it along, Her Grace: probably it's not the case. Rays are singing past for real the slowing clock. My goodness, it's a splitting trick for real, the slowing clock. Your voice goes deeply out of sound, and time goes leaping round and round. Heal and serve, cheerly get high now, don't be inane. It's number one the way you move! Back to those mosquitos like new roses on the wall and don't know why, just slowing clocks... Ain't no rebel fit to fear the slowing clock. There are assassins, puritans, red giants and you: it's honourable. No one around has led a narrow, wide or round way. You never wonder what this dream is all about.
Hand out lies and you’ll make’em rise. Get to a record low, your dream will overgrow. Please turn this rain into pure pain. Rejoice, my friend, rain will bring on the land. More lies break through the mad storm you already brew. Down is their whole defence, come play this summer dance. I’m sure those flies will cause great surprise. Put on a high shelf any consciousness of self. Loss is way too much to fear, a micron distant from here. Mind that some fuzzy place could not be traced at last. Live on the nail of a god, there’s no cure, there’s no fraud. Make some effort and think nothing but nothing, yeah... ...it ain’t no name to get well-known by. You’re wrong, my friend, this is not the end. Rearmost, utmost, half-lost, feels like a ghost. Please turn this rain into a solid brain, a brain who reads between the lines, gets the joke and then sublimes. Bad girls do like good boys, bad boys once broke their toys. That’s how we’ll make no end, we’ll make no sense of it: it ain’t no name to get well-known by.
Do we get back at us today, Did we ever get to curse our names? Lead on, instead: maybe we shouldn't know better. Kill the phoney posers, baby. Kill the military bands. Cause we are getting back at them today. How wary we are of going on talking that much. Trees are comely, no rapidities. We should be awake, we should be awake just that much. So far we wouldn't get loose anymore. How wary we are: we thought and strove as much. No rapidities, no rapidities... (Halo) In our breath as in our cells There's something meant to stray. Slide down the dark mould of all what shines, We should catch sight of a magnet at the end of time. How wary we are of something warm and unborn. Something calmly by zero will divide. (Halo) In our clock, it's in our hair, It's in our lungs, it's there.
Gather the worlds going round around you: it gets you wrong. Spin round and out this crowd that wraps you: I guess you won't. Easy is when it's up to you to renegue on a touch by your side. Easy is when it's overdue and everything has lost all its prime. Everything's slowin', you have to get through it if you really wanna know how you can dig it better than I... ...in this song you have to wait, so just look around you, there could be your new lover. Give him your number. Give her your mind. Transverberate, transmute, transcend your prowler. Everything's glowin', no need to get real. My devilry has come to life. It took it too far so I need to draw near, day and night going up the line. Let's fade away, it's gonna be easy, let's fade away. Let's fade away and don't take your ease, let's fade away. Everybody's waiting, everybody took a lie in: don't you really wanna know how you can dig it better than I?! Happy is your lover no more: I will pick in your pants till it's stuck in your mind.


Berlin psych-rockers THE SOMNAMBULIST have already published two albums between 2010 and 2012, and this year they are making available a series of previews from their third studio work, scheduled for release in early 2017.
After the singles "Transverberate" and "Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed", it's now time for "Unbegotten", a four-song EP featuring the previous singles and two new songs, introducing a multifaceted, intriguing evolution to their sound.
The character of THE SOMNAMBULIST continues to be eclectic and mysterious: diverse influences such as David Bowie, Tool and Radiohead, filtered through a personal lens that distorts the common structures and places of pop/rock, heading towards a visionary and futuristic idea of song that successfully reflects the peculiar stylistic signature of this band.


released November 4, 2016

All songs written, arranged and performed by THE SOMNAMBULIST.
Marco Bianciardi: vocals, guitars, sampler
Thomas Kolarczyk: electric and double bass
Luca Andriola: drums and percussions

Violin samples on track 02 by Rafael Bord.

Recorded and mixed between July and December, 2015
Funkhaus Nalepastraße (Block A, ex- Room a279b), Berlin.

Tracks 01 and 03 mastered by Stefano Moretti at Clockbeats Studio, Berlin.
Tracks 02 and 04 mastered by Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin.

Artwork and circlization of π by Antonio Sánchez Chinchón.

Produced by Chris Lastelle and THE SOMNAMBULIST.


all rights reserved




THE SOMNAMBULIST is the project of a fluid international collective of Berlin-based musicians which defies any easy classification.
In its decade-long existence, the band has released four full-length albums (Moda Borderline, Sophia Verloren Quantum Porn and Hypermnesiac). A brand new EP is set to be released on December 2, 2022 by the band’s own label Slowing Records.
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